Personal Insurance

Home Insurance

With access to a number of Insurance markets, Home Building and Contents Insurance can be arranged quickly.

Some people experience difficulty in obtaining Home Insurance due to many factors, such as a history of Insurance Claims, the location of their Home, policy cancellations or historical financial problems such as bankruptcy.

We work with a provider who considers all circumstances. Whilst a quotation cannot be guaranteed to be issued, they try to accommodate as many cases as possible.

Contact us on 0141 647 3778 for a confidential discussion.

Non fault Motor Claims

Teepee Claims is a motor claims service provider that looks to put you back in the same position that you were in before having an accident that wasn’t your fault.

All of their network repairers use manufacturer parts and all repairs are approved by fully qualified independent engineers. If your claim is accepted as non-fault you won’t have to pay the excess and by claiming the cost of this directly from the at fault insurer your premium should be unaffected. They will also provide you with a vehicle similar to the damaged vehicle, whether that be a moped for a courier, a saloon car for a sales rep, a 40 tonne artic lorry or high end sports car. They can also provide you with access to legal advice from their panel solicitors and help you to recover other losses such as lost earnings.

Contact Teepee Claims on 0800 368 9328 or, quoting T&C Broking.

Home Insurance Claims

When your property has been damaged, Aspray will act in your best interests to get the property back to normal as quickly as possible. Aspray will compile an in-depth damage and repair report, and submit the report directly to your insurer.

Aspray negotiate with your insurer for the settlement you are entitled to in the quickest time frame possible. Once settlement is agreed, Aspray will appoint their vetted sub-contractors and manage all aspects of the reinstatement process to completion. You will have one point of contact and support throughout, who will be on hand to answer all your questions and keep you regularly updated.

Call Aspray’s experienced claims team directly on 0800 077 6705, quoting T&C Broking.